Following Circular C168, issued on November 30, 2016, regarding Tim Horton Jerseys the updated version of ESMA’s Q&A document for the provision of CFDs and other speculative products to retail investors under MiFID (‘the Circular’), the Cyprus Jerseys Securities and Exchange Commission (‘the CySEC’) is providing, with this circular, additional guidance on the types of bonus incentives not permissible to be offered to retail clients by Cyprus Investment Firms (‘the CIFs’):


CySEC bans bonuses and limits leverage

cysecCySEC bans bonuses

Is CySec going after the right companies?
During the past twelve months, CySec has been making an effort to become a stricter regulator and change its image of a soft-handed regulatory body in order to play with the big kids like FCA and Bafin in Jerseys the regulation sandbox. During this “tightening of the screws”, binary options brokers and call centers around the world have been caught in the cross hairs, which has forced more than one company to close down their business and some others to consolidate in order to keep afloat.
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How to be the best trader in Forex & Binary Options?

How to be the best trader in Forex & Binary Options?

Based on the experience Verify Broker has acquired by helping many traders we realized that many people who register for Forex & Binary Options companies usually receive a phone call from someone from the aforementioned company Joffrey Lupul Youth Jerseys who wants to “assist” them in their trading.

These people, whom are sometimes referred to as financial advisors, “brokers”, analysts, account manager etc., receive a commission based on your deposits.

Luckily, sometimes these guys know a lot about the market and there are still great ways to gain knowledge from them.

Off course they want your money, but the companies that employ them tend train them in the best possible way in order to educated you and provide you knowledge about the market for free.

Verify Broker vast experience in the industry has taught us to understand this, and thanks to that we feel confident in helping

you Felix Potvin Youth Jerseys and giving you great tips on the topic in this blog.

For now, We will map all the ways you can become “the best trading investor in Forex & Binary Options”:

1. Sign up with a regulated company: Be on the lookout for logos or disclaimers of 3rd party companies such as Cysec, AMF, IFSC, FCA, etc. on the homepage of the company you’re signing up with – these should confirm whether or not the company is regulated by them. No matter whatever happens with the company itself, Authentic Zach Hyman Jerseys these 3rd parties, can secure you and your investment.

2. Start with a small amount: Don’t ever start big, as this might confuse the company by making you seem a bigger target and they will try to push you to deposit even large sums. Start small and build your way up.

3. Convince the broker to teach you before investing large sums: Start the conversation with the broker by letting them know you are willing to deposit big amounts if and only if they are willing to teach you before doing so. That way you can get free info and they will think that it’s worth “spending” time with you.

4. Ask for relevant Johnny Bower Youth Jerseys websites to gain more knowledge: There is a lot of websites out there that can teach you the basics about the industry. Here are some examples:,,, etc.

In addition to that, most companies have an ‘Education Center’ where you can also learn more.

5. Combine your trade decision with technical and fundamental analysis: The market can be a Mike Palmateer Womens Jerseys very volatile place. Therefore, making decisions based solely on technical analyses, is not only wrong but should be avoided. A combination of both technical as well as fundamental analysis is the key to successfully decide which trades to open and which not to. Don’t base your decisions on what you read only! (Keep an eye on our future blog post on how to analyze the market, both technically and fundamentally).

6. Make a test withdrawal: Before investing large amounts, try to withdraw the small amount you started with (remember Tip #2!). This is a test to see how fast and willing the company you invested with is to give you back your money, but make sure not to mention it to them! Non-legit companies tend to return the money in a timely manner when they are aware you are testing them, but are not so quick to act when it is actually required.

These are the beginning steps to take when learning to trade, there are more tips on the way. You can go to any of the Brokers that we display since we been using them with great success such as, Banc de Binary

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message through the Contact Us form!

Good luck