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What to do when you travel so I can follow the market at all times?

We found that traders want to stay connected at all times even when they are traveling to a different country.

Some of the options are to login to your trading account ones you reach a hot spot or at the hotel.

But what about if you are stuck in traffic and you know that is an important announcement on the US market and you are in London or Australia

We recommend to travel with a global SIM card and get a package or pay as you go option so you can stay connected at all times while you save money on roaming and you make money on the market

UniSimCard offers a perfect solution to stay connected 24/7 with a low rate on data, you learn more about them in 

Forget about spending money with your local carrier or wasting time buying a local SIM on every country you visit

For example, UniSimCard offers data packages of 1, 2 & 6 GB for 30 days and you can keep your SIM for your next trip.

One great option is to get a local virtual number, from your country so you can forward your cell number to your virtual number, in case that your broker needs to contact you, he will not now you are out of the country.

We believe we need to stay connected and at the same time be productive not worrying on the bill when you come back home