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What to do when you travel so I can follow the market at all times?

We found that traders want to stay connected at all times even when they are traveling to a different country.

Some of the options are to login to your trading account ones you reach a hot spot or at the hotel.

But what about if you are stuck in traffic and you know that is an important announcement on the US market and you are in London or Australia

We recommend to travel with a global SIM card and get a package or pay as you go option so you can stay connected at all times while you save money on roaming and you make money on the market

UniSimCard offers a perfect solution to stay connected 24/7 with a low rate on data, you learn more about them in 

Forget about spending money with your local carrier or wasting time buying a local SIM on every country you visit

For example, UniSimCard offers data packages of 1, 2 & 6 GB for 30 days and you can keep your SIM for your next trip.

One great option is to get a local virtual number, from your country so you can forward your cell number to your virtual number, in case that your broker needs to contact you, he will not now you are out of the country.

We believe we need to stay connected and at the same time be productive not worrying on the bill when you come back home



Following Circular C168, issued on November 30, 2016, regarding Tim Horton Jerseys the updated version of ESMA’s Q&A document for the provision of CFDs and other speculative products to retail investors under MiFID (‘the Circular’), the Cyprus Jerseys Securities and Exchange Commission (‘the CySEC’) is providing, with this circular, additional guidance on the types of bonus incentives not permissible to be offered to retail clients by Cyprus Investment Firms (‘the CIFs’):


Stockpair Regulation News effective February 2017

Stockpair regulation news

Stockpair As of February 2017, there are new regulations being issued for all binary options brokers.
As always, [eafl id="564" name="Stockpair" text="Stockpair"] is maintaining a high level of trust and regulatory standards by fully implementing these changes and ensuring
the most secure experience for the traders.

They have realize there has been a lot of negative movement in the financial industry and they are proud to see.
spotless reputation not only being recognized but even growing.
Rest assured, these changes will in no way affect the professional, innovative, and friendly service you have come to know and love.

These are the new rules set forth by the regulators taking effect starting February 1st, 2017:

 Stockpair regulation news Age Restriction

Binary  Options will only be available to traders aged 21 and older, as opposed to 18.

 Stockpair regulation news Bonus Reduction

While most bonuses have been restricted, Stockpair will continue to offer their clients pending bonuses, and of course their much-beloved cash bach back on volume.


[eafl id="564" name="Stockpair" text="Stockpair"]  has always believed in providing an entirely safe and regulated trading environment along with the best benefits and user experience

You can read more about the regulation changes on the blog CySEC bans bonuses and limits leverage

CySEC bans bonuses and limits leverage

cysecCySEC bans bonuses

Is CySec going after the right companies?
During the past twelve months, CySec has been making an effort to become a stricter regulator and change its image of a soft-handed regulatory body in order to play with the big kids like FCA and Bafin in Jerseys the regulation sandbox. During this “tightening of the screws”, binary options brokers and call centers around the world have been caught in the cross hairs, which has forced more than one company to close down their business and some others to consolidate in order to keep afloat.
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