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What to do when you travel so I can follow the market at all times?

We found that traders want to stay connected at all times even when they are traveling to a different country.

Some of the options are to login to your trading account ones you reach a hot spot or at the hotel.

But what about if you are stuck in traffic and you know that is an important announcement on the US market and you are in London or Australia

We recommend to travel with a global SIM card and get a package or pay as you go option so you can stay connected at all times while you save money on roaming and you make money on the market

UniSimCard offers a perfect solution to stay connected 24/7 with a low rate on data, you learn more about them in 

Forget about spending money with your local carrier or wasting time buying a local SIM on every country you visit

For example, UniSimCard offers data packages of 1, 2 & 6 GB for 30 days and you can keep your SIM for your next trip.

One great option is to get a local virtual number, from your country so you can forward your cell number to your virtual number, in case that your broker needs to contact you, he will not now you are out of the country.

We believe we need to stay connected and at the same time be productive not worrying on the bill when you come back home

Breaking News: Janet Yellen

Breaking News: Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen announced she will step down as a Member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, effective upon the swearing in of her successor Jerome Powell.

Writing a resignation letter to President Donald Trump, Yellen said  she is “gratified” by the economy’s progress since the 2008 financial crisis. Yellen also promised a smooth transition to Powell, Trump’s nominee for Fed chair.

Powell, who was nominated for the position earlier this month, is scheduled a confirmation hearing before the Senate Banking Committee next week off November.

What an opportunity in the market to start trading short and longer term with EUR/USD

Germany BaFin Warns Against FX and CFDs

Germany BaFin Warns Against FX and CFDs

The Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), an independent German regulatory institution, today issued a warning against the activities of GLSSTOCKS, a company that appears to be offering forex and CFDs in Germany without complying with its financial legislation.

BaFin has also advised the public to always verify the company’s identity (identity details, country of establishment, etc.) and to never trust a company if it cannot be clearly identified.

BaFin operates as a watchdog for financial trading, securities, and markets in Germany, overseeing a variety of assets and compliance issues for traders and consumers.
Today’s warning is the latest initiative in its efforts to clamp down on companies engaging in fraudulent activities.

What can we do?

Verify broker after the years has been suggesting to all the investors to  look for regulated brokers. if you are not sure if the broker you are about to invest, is regulated. Contact us and we will be happy to do the research on your behalf for free.

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Following Circular C168, issued on November 30, 2016, regarding Tim Horton Jerseys the updated version of ESMA’s Q&A document for the provision of CFDs and other speculative products to retail investors under MiFID (‘the Circular’), the Cyprus Jerseys Securities and Exchange Commission (‘the CySEC’) is providing, with this circular, additional guidance on the types of bonus incentives not permissible to be offered to retail clients by Cyprus Investment Firms (‘the CIFs’):